Volume 92 Number 1, January 2023

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Table of Contents

Editorial 1 Religio Medici
Trimble M
List of Referees 3 2022
Commentary 4 Assisted suicide a 20th century problem, palliative care a 21st century solution
Doré M
Reviews 9 Prescribing exercise and physical activity to treat and manage health conditions
Rooney D, Gilmartin E, Heron N
16 Congenital epulis: diagnosis and management
Lim KH, Toner M-B, Millar D, Jackson C
Clinical Papers 19 A Neurology Advanced Referral Management System (NARMS) Reduces Face-to-Face Consultations By Over Sixty Percent
McConville J, Hunter A, Fulton A, Gray O, Kerr A, Patterson V
24 Management of symptomatic Baker's cysts with ultrasound and fluoroscopic-guided aspiration followed by therapeutic injection with Depomedrone and Bupivacaine leads to a durable reduction in pain symptoms in a majority of patients; A case series and literature review.
Stroiescu AE, Laurinkiene J, Courtney K, Moriarty HK, Kelly IP, Ryan AG
29 Real world outcomes in cancer patients with COVID-19 infection: Northern Ireland experience.
Feeney L, Hamilton A, Lavery A, O'Neill C, Walls G, Taylor K, Turkington RC
38 NHS Trust Boards and Health and Well-being Boards: Do they play any role in the management of disparate levels of care for South Asian patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
Farrukh A, Mayberry JF
Medical History 43 The Launch of William Whitla's Medical Institute: Undercurrents and Outcomes
Evans, A
50 From a Vintage Journal (1890: Dr. Whitla's Urticaria Case and Dr. J.A. Lindsay's Notes on Asthma
Freudenthaler, T
James Logan Prize Essay 55 Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer Pain Management
Kettyle, G
Curiositas 59 Questions and answers
Spence AD, Vage A
Letters 61 To the Editor
Responses to the September 2022 editorial.  Douglas J; Barbour J; Miller L