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The Ulster Medical Society has long had an interest in the history of medicine in the North of Ireland. This section aims to provide access to much of what has already been published and, given time, to make available much as yet hidden in minute books and elsewhere.

General Histories

General local medical histories have been written by Esler, Hunter and Strain. Esler's accounts were published in 1885 and 1886, Hunter's in 1934 and Strain's in 1967. These are available in pdf below.

Esler Part 1
Esler Part 2
Hunter Part 1
Hunter Part 2
Strain Parts 1 and 2

Small Bust of James McDonnell

During the replication of a bust of James McDonnell the original was scanned by laser. The resulting .stl file can be made available to any member who might want to print a 3D replica. The image shows a copy 260mm high produced by a local firm. Please contact the Archivist for further information regarding either the file or the local firm. NOTE that the Society cannot offer any guarantee with regard to the functioning of the file or the outcome of any order with any commercial firm. As 3D printing is additive in layers, some marks resulting from the process is inevitable as may be seen in the image.

James McDonnell


This work is ongoing and more material will be added as time goes on. Suggestions for future articles or offers of transcripts should be directed to the Archivist.