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Records of the Medical Societies of Belfast 1822 to 1884

This is a compilation in two volumes of all records found so far relating to the four medical societies which existed in Belfast during this time period. These were the Belfast Medical Society, the Belfast Clinical and Pathological Society, the Ulster Medical Protective Association, and the Ulster Medical Society. The first three combined in 1862 to form the fourth which, of course, continues to thrive today.

A new version with an extra two papers in an appendix to volume 2 was uploaded on 31 October 2020.

Volume 1  (24MB)
Volume 2  (19MB)

A small number of printed copies have been distributed to libraries and other institutions so that this period of medicine in Belfast will not be forgotten. Anyone may use the pdfs to print a copy of the book for their own use.

Sir Ian Fraser

In his book A Surgeon's Century: The Life of Sir Ian Fraser DSO FRCS Professor Richard Clarke states that in 1978 Sir Ian gave the Society a talk entitled The Treasures of the Ulster Medical Society. A transcript is available below.

The Treasures of the Ulster Medical Society

Andrew George Malcolm

Various  Record of A G Malcolm's Life Written by Himself
  Opening Address to the Students 1852–53.


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