Eligibility and types

Full Membership

Full membership of the Ulster Medical Society is open to all medical practitioners who are either registered with the General Medical Council or who were once so registered but have since voluntarily withdrawn their names.

Fellows are those whose medical graduation was eight or more years ago. Members are those whose medical graduation was less than eight years ago. Those whose medical graduation was forty or more years ago may, on application, pay the Fellow Reduced rate.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to all those who never graduated medically and who work or who have worked as a nurse registered by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, or as a professional registered by the Health and Care Professions Council, or as a social worker registered by the Northern Ireland Social Care Council or the Scottish Social Services Council or the Care Council for Wales, or as a dentist registered by the General Dental Council, or as a senior manager within the National Health Service.

Associate Members pay the Associate subscription.

Joint membership

Joint membership (really Joint subscription) is available to two members who are married or in a Civil Partnership. Only one address is recorded for the Joint members and they receive only one copy of each Journal and Society posting.

The annual subscription is calculated by taking the average of the two individual subscriptions and adding the Joint Supplement.

Student Membership

Student Membership is open to all those medical students at medical schools within the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland undertaking a course of study which will lead them to being eligible for registration with the General Medical Council.

At present students do not pay a subscription and this is unlikely to change. They are not entitled to receive the Ulster Medical Journal.

Applying to join the Society

Those wishing to join the Ulster Medical Society should download both an Application form AND a Direct Debit form. Contact the office if there are problems. Both forms should be completed in all respects and returned to the Membership Secretary.

Upon receipt of these forms, satisfactorily completed, the applicant will be accepted into the Society.


Personal details are stored in encoded form on a database solely for the purpose of running the Society. This information is not released to any external person or organization.

Note: When a member leaves the Society their record is marked with the year of leaving and reason and moved from the database's Active List to the Inactive List. Those on the Inactive List receive no communications from the Society and no demand for a subscription.

Once the member has been on the Inactive list for a year (or before that if requested) their record will be archived. All sensitive information is removed leaving, for historical purposes, only their title, full name, GMC and Society numbers, subscription type, the year of joining the Society, and the year and reason for leaving. We would prefer not to delete the archived record but will do so if requested.

Please contact the Society if you would like further information.