Volume 86 Number 3, September 2017

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Table of Contents

Guest Editorial 157 Time for a new resistance against antibiotics
Bradley D, Doherty L
Grand Rounds 161 Understanding Acid-Base Disorders
Hamilton PK, Morgan NA, Connolly GM, Maxwell AP
Clinical Papers 167 Vaginal Hysterectomy using the ERBE BiClamp® Bipolar Vessel Sealing System: A Case Series
Blayney GV, Beirne JP, Hinds L, Quinn D, Dorman GJ
172 The Effect of Interval From Completion of Short-Course Radiotherapy to Surgery on the Post-Operative Morbidity and Mortality of Patients with Rectal Cancer
Neely TDA, Tan CJ, Irwin, ST
177 Long Term Follow Up of Male Breast Cancer
McKinley N, McCain S, Kirk S
181 Minimally Invasive management of delayed recognition iatrogenic ureteric injury
Morrow J, Curry D, Dooher M, Woolsey S
Case Report 185 Dystrophin Exon 29 Nonsense Mutations Cause a Variably Mild Phenotype
Moore RS, Tirupathi S, Herron B, Sands A, Morrison PJ
Medical History 189 Dr Elizabeth Gould Bell (1862 – 1934) - The First Woman to Graduate In Medicine And Practice In Ulster
Rea SM
196 Dr Robert Stephenson's Address to the Belfast Medical Society on 2nd December 1850
Logan JI
Medical Education 198 Adaptive Learning in Medical Education: The Final Piece of Technology Enhanced Learning?
Sharma N, Doherty I, Dong C
Letters 201 To The Editor.
Paramilitary Shootings and Assaults?  Mc Garry PJ
Author's Response: Paramilitary Shootings and Assaults.  McGarry, K
Inappropriate E.D. Attendances in Northern Ireland: Comment from RCGP Northern Ireland.  Dorman L
Author's Response: Inappropriate E.D. Attendances in Northern Ireland: Comment from RCGP Northern Ireland.  McGuinness S, Maxwell J, Harper C
Complete Transection of the Radial Nerve Associated With a Closed Humeral Shaft Fracture.  Gallagher BJ, Hegarty P, Kilpatrick SM, Thompson NW
Atypical Presentation of Soft Tissue Sarcoma.  Rizzo V, Parissis H
No Baby Boom or Sex Ratio Changes Following Fifty Shades of Grey in England and Wales.  Grech, V
Is it Time to Revisit the Red Flag Referral System?   Spence RAJ, Mackle E
Abstracts 207 Proceedings of the fourth annual Queen's University Belfast Student Research Symposium.
Wednesday 29th March 2017, Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine
Curiositas 209 (Cardiology) Questions and Answers.
Review 211 Books
Dermatology Made Easy.  Oakley A
A History of Caesarean Birth From Maternal Death to Maternal Choice.  Baskett TF
Game Changers 213 A Trio.
An Update in Aortic Valve Intervention and Early Discharge.  Douglas H, Spence M
Sentinel Biopsy in Vulval Cancer - Establishing a Regional Service in Northern Ireland.  McCloskey F, Lynch T, Nagar H, Murtagh E
Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer – a Gamechanger!  Walls GM, Hanna GG
So you want to be… 215 An Academic Foundation Programme Doctor?
Grant M, Atalla N, Maxwell AP